Preliminary Conference Programme

Download Preliminary Conference Programme guide (pdf)
Conference Programme Day Two

DAY ONE – Tuesday 25th April 2017

9:00am – 10:30am – Opening Keynote

  • Mandates, New developments of our Regulatory Material and Future Plans
    Hette Hoekema, Senior Expert Navigation, Communication, Surveillance, European Aviation Safety Agency

  • SES/Next Gen Overview Airlines Perspective
    Senior Representative, Air France*

  • Evolution of aviation and systems and working with Operators
    Senior Representative, Airlines for Europe*

11:00am – 12:30pm – Future Avionics Mandates – the bridge between cockpit and ATM programmes

  • As the Single European Skies (SES) and NextGen initiatives continue to dominate the drive for enhanced safety and communications between the aircraft in the sky and the ground control, what are the latest challenges and mandates on the horizon.  As SES moves into its deployment phase, what needs to be installed in the aircraft to meet these mandates, from commercial airlines to business jets, and what is the impact on avionics for operators?
    Chair: Mariann Hintz, EUROCONTROL

  • Update on Avionics in SESAR and update on NextGen collaboration
    Marouan Chida, CNS and Avionics Expert, SESAR JU

  • PBN, ADSB and Datalink updates
    Senior Representative, FAA*

  • CNS from an ATM Operational Requirements Perspective
    Franca Pavlicevic, Head of Navigation & CNSS Research, EUROCONTROL

  • Future Indian Air Navigation Service*

2:00pm – 3:30pm – Standards and Certification

  • With the necessity for all systems and software design developed to be fit for purpose and support the deployment of SESAR and Next-Gen, we explore the latest approaches, analysis and implications in compliance and what the latest in standards and certification mean to developers, solutions providers and end users.
    Chair: Marc Gatti, Thales Avionics

  • Certification & Operational Mandates
    Luc Deneufchatel, Technical Secretary – Expert, EUROCAE

  • Comparative Study on CTSO C153 and ETSO-2C153 on Certification Consideration for Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) Platform and Modules
    Frank Xiao, Certification Engineer, Aviage Systems

  • An overview of the FACE standard, and what that implies outside the USA
    Alex Wilson, Director – Market Development, Wind River

  • Streamlining Aircraft and Systems Certification
    Joseph Wlad, Vice President, Business Development, Verocel

4:00pm – 5:30pm – End to end connected aircraft challenges

  • What are the trends of airlines and how are they addressing connectivity beyond the aircraft. From ASDI to SWIM and beyond, what does big data mean for airlines and operators? What are the Big Data challenges, how do you analyse and identify what’s relevant – and then what do you do with all that information?
    Chair: Philippe Lievin, Rockwell Collins

  • Avionics architectures supporting onboard and offboard Big Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance and enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) on legacy Commercial Aircraft fleets
    Willie Cecil, Aircraft Data and Connectivity Systems Specialist, Uptake, USA

  • A350XWB Program Information System & eOperations Architect
    Arnaud d’Andréa, Airbusus

  • Achieving Certifications with AIXM, FIXM and WIXM data
    Dejan Damjanovic, Managing Director, FANS Group

  • Senior Representative, Boeing*

  • Modern Day EFB – Aircraft Connectivity – Expectations vs Reality
    Jens Technau, EFB Administrator & Flight Ops IT, Captain A330, SunExpress Germany GmbH