AFuzion and HDL Design House Joint Webinar: Optimizing DO-254

AFuzion and HDL Design House invite you to join the free October 4, 2017 webinar at 4pm CEST, on DO-254 optimization techniques including DO-254 requirements, mistakes, best practices, and use of random verification and UVM methodology.

AFuzion, the safety-critical systems and certification company and HDL Design House, provider of digital, analog, and back-end design and verification services and products in numerous areas of SoC, will host a joint webinar on DO-254 best practices and verification optimization for avionics hardware success on October, 4th, 2017. The webinar will be presented by Vance Hilderman, Founder and CEO of AFuzion, Inc. and Olivera Stojanovic, HDL DH Senior Verification Engineer.

Attendees will learn about the benefits of advanced techniques. A quick DO-254 overview will be provided along with basic terminology, techniques and verification methodologies (including random verification). Practical examples to illustrate DO-254’s true meaning and proper DO-254 verification techniques including traceability for the key elements of verification (coverage, assertions, tests) will also be presented.

This online event is intended for all engineers, quality assurance, and managers needing to optimize their DO-254 activities for compliance, schedule, budgets and technical excellence.

The webinar is taking place on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017, from 4pm-5pm CEST and is free to attend. Joining instructions are available on the webinar registration page:

The two companies started a collaboration to simplify the complex DO-254 project requirements and reduce overall project time, by relying upon HDL DH’s verification expertize and AFuzion’s DO-254 training and avionics certification services. The synergy between HDL DH and AFuzion offers customers guidance and support throughout the demanding DO-254 projects and enables them to lean on the expertize in design and verification and certification processes at any project stage. Webinar attendees will receive a free technical whitepaper “Optimizing DO-254 Costs versus Benefits”, not available to the general public until 2018.

Upcoming webinars that HDL DH and AFuzion will co-host in this series:
– Advanced DO-254 Testing – January 2018
– Optimizing DO-254 for Reducing Cost, Schedule, and Risk – April 2018