Applied DO-254 / ED-80

Certified Training


By Vance Hilderman

DATE: Wednesday 20th June 2018

TIME: 9.30am – 4.30pm

PLACE : MOC Event Centre, Munich, Germany

COST: Euro 595 (+ 19% VAT)

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Prerequisite: None; applicable to all avionics engineers/managers.


  • Understanding DO-254’s true intent
  • Controlling engineering cost/risks
  • Improving productivity & leverage hardware reusability
  • Applying DO-254 to FPGA’s, ASICs, and PLD’s
  • Leveraging EASA’s & FAA’s CAST-27 and SWCEH-001
  • Applying DO-254 to IP Cores
  • DO-254’s Five Plans & Standards for Certification, Requirements, Design, Implementation, QA, & CM
  • System versus Hardware Requirement: actual examples
  • Using COTS IP
  • How to pass DO-254 Audits – the FIRST time

AFuzion Inc brings you “Applied DO-254” training.   This fast-paced 1-day course teaches attendees the true intent of DO-254, new silicon-technologies for avionics and reducing hardware development costs and risks while still achieving certification. Developed and taught by the principal author of the world’s best-selling book on DO-254/178.

More about this full-day DO-254 & ED-80 course:

Focusing on minimizing DO-254 certification costs, maximizing benefits and providing leading DO-254 industry practices, this DO-254 training for engineers and managers provides in-depth and fast-paced training for persons involved with avionics software development.  By understanding DO-254’s true intent and best practices, attendees will bring back expert knowledge to minimize costs and risks, while maximizing productivity and success. The teacher, Vance Hilderman, has trained more persons in DO-254 and DO-254, over 9,500 engineers from 1,200 companies, than all the other trainers in the world … COMBINED.


  • Applying DO-254 for the real world: Yours
  • How to avoid common DO-254 mistakes
  • Leading DO-254 Best Practices
  • Case study on DO-254 Requirements/Traceability
  • Reduction of DO-254 complexity, risk, and costs
  • Applying DO-254 Changes for 2017 … and beyond; new material only from AFuzion


VanceHeadShot150Mr. Vance Hilderman is Afuzion’s director of Avionics Certification. Holding a BSEE and MBA from Gonzaga University, and a Masters in Computer Engineering from USC (Hughes Fellow). Mr. Hilderman was previously the co-founder of TekSci (the world’s largest avionics software services company in the ’90’s), HighRely, and now Afuzion – performing technical avionics software/certification development at companies throughout the world.

Mr. Hilderman has focused on safety-critical avionics software, systems, hardware development and related technical products for 25 years. Considered an expert on safety critical software/computer systems and certification, Mr. Hilderman has consulted with ninety five of the world’s one hundred largest aerospace companies plus numerous medical, industrial and telecommunications entities Mr. Hilderman has trained over 11,000 avionics engineers and managers in 40 countries on DO-178B, ARP-4754, DO-178C, DO-254, DO-200A, DO-297, and safety/software development.

Mr. Hilderman is the principal author of dozens of technical whitepapers and avionics training protocols, plus the world’s best-selling book on avionics development/certification, published by Avionics Communications and titled “Avionics Certification – A Complete Guide To DO-178 & DO-254”; all royalties are donated to the Boy Scouts of America where Mr. Hilderman and two of his sons are Eagle Scouts. Mr. Hilderman will soon be publishing his next book to be titled “The Avionics Development Ecosystem” published by Afuzion Press.