Boosters for NASA’s Space Launch System complete avionics test

The solid rocket boosters that will power NASA‘s new Space Launch System super-heavy-lift rocket away from Kennedy Space Center’s Launch Complex 39B took another step toward flight today when Orbital ATK announced that the avionics system which will control the new boosters has completed its qualification testing.

In order to meet the demanding human-rated requirements set by NASA, the avionics system was put through a rigorous series of tests that verified the system was fully capable of performing in normal and abnormal flight conditions.

The avionics system controls the boosters through all stages of their firings starting with the ignition of the boosters. The system then controls the boosters’ steering while working with the SLS flight computers that are controlling the flight, and culminates its operations by initiating separation after the boosters have completed their burn. In addition, the system is responsible for termination of the flight in the event of an abnormality during launch.