Conference Programme – Day Two

Preliminary Conference Programme

DAY TWO – Wednesday 26th April 2017

9:00am – 10:30am – Data Comms & Cyber Security Perspectives

  • With the aircrafts becoming more connected and wireless communications increasing in the cabin and cockpit, how can we ensure we make the aircraft secure and skies even safer from potential attack? How do we secure data connections and to what extent – gate-to-gate or door-to-door? Can legacy communication (ACARS) move to IP traffic in this digital world in a secure manner?
    Willie Cecil, Aircraft Data and Connectivity Systems Specialist, Uptake, USA
  • Aircraft (gate to gate) and/or incl passenger (door to door) datalink and comms from airport to aircraft
    Johann Götz, Head of IT Engineering, Munich Airport
  • Marc Mautref, Pilots and Aircraft Connectivity Manager, Air France
  • Cybersecurity aspects of an E-Enabled Aircraft
    Alex Wilson, Wind River
  • Legacy communication (ACARS) to IP traffic challenges in a digital world
    Philippe Lievin, Rockwell Collins

11:00am – 12:30pm – Surveillance – ACAS, Space Based, Flight Tracking

  • Safety is the number one priority for the aerospace industry. A key factor to safety is surveillance of aircraft and airspace to reduce near misses and collisions. What are the latest developments in surveillance and flight tracking to mitigate these possibilities. How can space based surveillance contribute towards safety and security?
    Chair: John McHale, Editor, Avionics Design
  • ACAS X
    Stacey Rowlan, Staff Engineer,  Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems, L3 Technologies
  • Why voluntary electronic conspicuity needs to be encouraged
    Adrian Price, Senior Research Analyst, NATS, UK
  • Aircraft Tracking – Status and Airbus view
    Claude Pichavant, Senior Expert – Communications & Surveillance, Airbus
  • Space based ADSB from and ANSP perspective
    Senior Representtative, ENAV*
  • Surveillance Progress, Opportunities and ChallengesJohan Martensson, Surveillance Expert, EUROCONTROL

2:00pm – 4:00pm – Cockpit and Avionics Functions and Innovations

  • What innovations and concepts are around the corner that could soon become part of todays development in avionics. What are the future technologies and latest thinking in concepts for safer, more cost effective skies? Can cross-industry technologies benefit the avionics industry?
    Chair: Alex Wilson, Wind River
  • Synthetic Vision Guidance System – Demonstrations in Europe
    Jolana Dvorska, Technical Manager, Honeywell International, Czech Republic
  • RNP to xLS
    Thomas Maier, ATM Engineering, Airbus
  • A New Concept of HUD Using 3D Windshield Projection
    Philippe Coni, Display Expert, Thales Avionics
  • Avionics System Architecture of Future-Oriented Transport Aircraft
    Vladimir Orlov, Lead System Engineer, Volga Dnepr Airlines
  • Cross-Industry Embedded Platforms Update: Technology, Trends and Ecosystem Development Relevant For Aerospace Industry
    Mirko Jakovljevic, Senior Marketing Manager, TTTech Computertechnik