Conference Programme – Day Two

Preliminary Conference Programme

Conference Programme Day One

DAY TWO – Wednesday 20th June 2018

9:00am – 10:30am – Advances in ATM, Navigation & Surveillance

This session will discuss the latest in ATM, navigation and surveillance systems developments and what the role and future of satellite/GNSS can contribute to navigation and surveillance.
Chair: Alexander Engel, EUROCAE

  • DIGITS – Demonstration of ATM Improvements Generated by initial Trajectory Sharing – Thomas Maier, Air Traffic Management Engineering, Airbus Commercial Aircraft
  • Added value of an air/ground approach for human performance in engineering the future European ATM system – Sonja Biede, Senior Human Factors Specialist, Airbus & Renée Pelchen-Medwed, Senior Human Performance and Validation Expert, EUROCONTROL
  • European GNSS supporting PBN and CNS evolution – Katerina Strelcova, Aviation Market Development Innovation Officer, European GNSS Agency (GSA)

11:00am – 12:30pm – Advancing Integrated Systems & Connectivity

With a desire to reduce SWaP of equipment on board whilst providing more connection interfaces in both cabin and deck, these provide connectivity and cybersecurity challenges. How can we ensure safe and secure connections and connectivity, whilst delivering the hightest levels of cyber security to protect systems against increasing cyber attacks.
Chair: Willie Cecil, Teledyne Controls

  • Cybersecurity enhancements for a safety critical ARINC 653 avionics platform – Paul Parkinson, Principal Systems Architect, Wind River
  • Multicore ARM Processors for Safety Critical Avionics – Gary Gilliland, Technical Marketing Manager, DDC-I Inc
  • A 2D & 3D Airport Taxi Assistance EFB – Thea Feyereisen, Engineer Fellow, Honeywell International & Gang He, Engineer Fellow, Honeywell International

2:00pm – 4:00pm – Disruptive Technologies and Trends

What is the latest thinking and vision for the industry, and where will future avionics technologies provide real benefits for saving fuel and reducing the cost of flying? As virtual piloting and Artificial Intelligence (AI) begin to demonstrate their impact, what can the industry also learn from converging technologies?
Chair: Alex Wilson, Wind River

  • The Future of COTS: How the Industry is Evolving to Support Safety Certification Requirements – Gregory Sikkens, Director Safety Critical Solutions, Core Avionics
  • Cross Industry Embedded System Update 2018: Technology, Trends and Ecosystem Development Relevant for Aerospace Industry – Mirko, Jakovljevic, Sales & Marketing Manager, TTTech
  • Generalized Anthropomorphic Structure of a Situational Knowledge Base for AI Safety Protection Systems of Autonomous Aircraft: Prototyping and Potential Applications – Ivan Burdun, President & Andrew Bubin, IT Engineer, AIXTREE
  • Overarching Properties: Technology Independent Safety Certification – Joseph Wlad, Vice President, Verocel