Gulf Coast Avionics Completes Its First Garmin G600TXi Upgrade in a King Air C90

Rick Garcia, President and CEO, Gulf Coast Avionics announced that the company has completed its first Garmin G600 TXi glass touchscreen avionics upgrade on a Beechcraft King Air C90A.

“Garmin has long been the leader in King Air glass panel upgrade solutions and this new G600 TXi touchscreen raises the bar even higher,” Garcia said. “We have completed a lot of King Air upgrades, but in my opinion this is the best of the bunch.”

“The G600 TXi is an amazing piece of technology,” he said. “The pilot can easily configure the display to meet their exact preference, which greatly increases situational awareness while reducing pilot workload and stress, especially in single-pilot, IFR conditions.

“Everything from the pilot’s side to the center stack is new except for the analog engine instruments,” stated Matt Schloss, Sales Manager, Gulf Coast Avionics. “Our engineering team did a great job designing the new custom, all-metal panel and integrating all of the Garmin avionics.”

“From the left seat, you’d never know this King Air C90A is over 16 years old,” he said. When you look at all the capabilities we have installed, the owner is getting an airplane that is equipped to serve his needs for another 16 years at least.”