HDL Design House Workshop

HDL Design House

DATE: Tuesday 19th June 2018
TIME: 4pm


How to Apply Reuse in DO-254 Projects

Ivan Ristic, Senior Verification Engineer
Olivera Stojanovic, Senior Staff Verification Engineer
Jacob Wiltgen, Solutions Architect, Mentor, a Siemens Business

Reuse, as crucial part of random verification approach, has been widely applied in land-based commercial electronics for the last decade. This workshop focuses on the application of state-of-the-art verification in DO-254 projects with all the challenges that these projects imply. The first part of the workshop will present concepts of random verification highlighting traceability goals that are mandatory in safety critical designs. The second part of the presentation will show how third-party reusable verification IP provides the features and ease of use to rapidly verify and certify industry standard protocols, and demonstrate that all protocol features have been exercised and supply the evidence required by the DER.