Jordan’s AH-1F/S Cobra avionics upgraded

Northrop Grumman and Science and Engineering Services (SES) have upgraded the avionics system on the Royal Jordanian Air Force’s AH-1F/S Cobra attack helicopters, Northrop announced on 7 June.

Under the programme, Northrop Grumman was responsible for the design and integration of the avionics system, while the aircraft was rewired and reconditioned by SES.

The aircraft’s avionics received a digital conversion to Northrop’s Integrated Mission Equipment Package (iMEP) that includes the FlightPro Gen III mission computer, a full suite of LCD multifunction displays, an embedded software digital map and navigation controls.

iMEP is based upon a modular, open architecture that supports rapid integration of third-party hardware and software. It also allows the introduction of new weapons capabilities to the helicopter, including advanced missiles, rockets and a rotary cannon. The mission equipment package’s integrated design and lightweight components offer a weight savings of around 300lbs when compared with the current systems installed on the Jordanian AH-1F/S.

The first modified AH-1F aircraft have been shipped to Jordan for weapons testing and final acceptance by the Royal Jordanian Air Force.