HDL Design House & Mentor Workshop

HDL Design House & Mentor Workshop

DATE: 25th April 2017
TIME: 4pm
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DO-254 Projects: Dive into Random Verification

presented by Olivera Stojanovic, HDL DH Senior Staff Verification Engineer

The aim of this workshop is to encourage the use of random verification and UVM methodology in DO-254 projects. Attendees will learn about the benefits of advanced technique – random verification compared to the traditional direct approach, which is the most usual approach for these types of projects. Basic terminology, techniques and methodology of random verification will be presented and explained. Attendees will discover how to apply random verification in DO-254 projects. During the workshop, there will be practical examples to illustrate the process of this kind of verification. The presentation will highlight challenges that arise from the DO-254 verification process and requirements traceability for the key elements of random verification (coverage, assertions, tests).

DO-254 flow includes ReqTracer and Questa
(requirement tracking through functional verification)

presented by Bruno Hanssler, Manager Application Engineer , Mentor Graphics

DO-254 design processes are driven by requirements and follow a strict design assurance. Designers need to ensure that the specified requirements are met and proof their specific implementation. Mentor Graphics is focused on these DO-254 design challenges and committed to help designers achieving their design goals and project schedules.

In this session, we briefly talk about the history and current status of DO-254, how Mentor got involved and our current collaboration with partners (HDL-DH, Xilinx, Verisense, plus more) to provide complete solutions. We’ll cover key problem areas that many companies are struggling with and which are topics of concern in the DO-254 user’s group. Finally this presentation will introduce Mentor’s solutions (along with our partners) addressing some of these key challenges, such as requirement management and traceability and discuss best practices on how to establish a company-wide DO-254 methodology that is efficient and reusable.

Mentor Graphics is the only EDA vendor that can offer a full suite of advanced design, verification and synthesis solutions for FPGA design, resulting in highest design quality.

Mentor Graphics takes DO-254 seriously and has therefore formed important industry partnerships that you can leverage for your complete DO-254 project needs.

Register Online at www.ae-expo.eu/2017-reg