Conference Programme

The 2018 main conference programme topics will include:

Mandates and Regulatory Updates

What are the latest updates in mandates and regulation and how will these impact the industry and supply chain? Key institutions governing the strategy of regulation and compliance will give an overview of the changing landscape, including standardisation, certification and operational imporvements.

Implementing Mandates & Regulations: Case Studies

How do we successfully interprete and implement new mandates to meet regulatory and operational standards? Case studies and visionary programs demonstrate how we can achieve implementation and compliance.

Panel discussion – Evolution of the European Institutional Framework

With changes over the years of how the different institutions and organisations involved in the industry operate and collaborate, this panel discussion aims to provide some clarity on the role of each institution, what they do, the current position of the industry is and where it is evolving to.

Advances in ATM, Navigation & Surveillance

This session will discuss the latest in ATM, navigation and surveillance systems developments and what the role and future of satellite/GNSS can contribute to navigation and surveillance.

Advancing Integrated Systems & Connectivity

With a desire to reduce SWaP of equipment on board whilst providing more connection interfaces in both cabin and deck, these provide connectivity and cybersecurity challenges. How can we ensure safe and secure connections and connectivity, whilst delivering the hightest levels of cyber security to protect systems against increasing cyber attacks.

Disruptive Technologies and Trends

What is the latest thinking and vision for the industry, and where will future avionics technologies provide real benefits for saving fuel and reducing the cost of flying? As virtual piloting and Artificial Intelligence (AI) begin to demonstrate their impact, what can the industry also learn from converging technologies?