2017 Speakers included:

  • Marouan Chida
    Marouan Chida
    CNS and Avionics Expert, SESAR JU
  • Franca Pavlicevic
    Franca Pavlicevic
    Head of Navigation & CNSS Research, EUROCONTROL
  • Sven Nordhoff
    Sven Nordhoff
    Director Certification, SYSGO AG
  • Philippe Ricco
    Philippe Ricco
    Avionics Project Manager, Mercury Mission Systems International S.A.
  • Stacey Rowlan
    Stacey Rowlan
    Staff Engineer, Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems LLC (An L-3 Technologies and Thales Company)
  • Gary Gilliland
    Gary Gilliland
    Technical Marketing Manager, DDC-I
  • Paul Parkinson
    Paul Parkinson
    Principal Systems Architect, Aerospace & Defence, Wind River
  • Luc Deneufchatel
    Luc Deneufchatel
    Technical Secretary, EUROCAE
  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson
    Director of Business Development, Aerospace and Defence, Wind River
  • Joseph Wlad
    Joseph Wlad
    Vice President, Business Development, Verocel
  • Luc Emberger
    Luc Emberger
    Communication Architecture – Data Link expert, Airbus
  • Adrian Price
    Adrian Price
    Senior Research Analyst, NATS
  • Claude Pichavant
    Claude Pichavant
    Senior Expert – Communications & Surveillance, AIRBUS
  • Jolana Dvorska
    Jolana Dvorska
    Technical Manager, Honeywell International
  • Thomas Maier
    Thomas Maier
    ATM Engineering, Airbus
  • Philippe CONI
    Philippe CONI
    Display Expert, THALES AVIONICS SAS
  • Vladimir Orlov
    Vladimir Orlov
    Lead System Engineer, Volga-Dnepr Airlines
  • Marc MAUTREF
    Marc MAUTREF
    Pilots and Aircraft Connectivity Manager, Air France
  • Dr. Guillem Bernat
    Dr. Guillem Bernat
    CEO, Rapita Systems Ltd
  • Michael Henze
    Michael Henze
    Product Line Manager, MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH
  • Jérôme Ferrer
    Jérôme Ferrer
    Business Development Manager, ALTYS Technologies
  • Gregory Sikkens
    Gregory Sikkens
    Director of Marketing, Core Avionics and Industrial
  • Giles Huby
    Giles Huby
    Managing Director, Copernicus Technology Ltd
  • Mirko Jakovljevic
    Mirko Jakovljevic
    Senior Marketing Manager, TTTech Computertechnik AG
  • Koen Hollevoet
    Koen Hollevoet
    Business Development Manager, Rogers Corporation
  • Tuur Benoit
    Tuur Benoit
    Researcher, Siemens PLM
  • Robert McCullen
    Robert McCullen
    Staff Engineer, Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems LLC (An L-3 Technologies and Thales Company)
  • Christian Fraboul
    Christian Fraboul
    Professeur Université de Toulouse, Professeur Université de Toulouse
  • Dejan Damjanovic
    Dejan Damjanovic
    Managing Director, FANS Group LLC
  • Peter Allsopp
    Peter Allsopp
    Future Technology Leader, GE Aviation
  • Patrick Huyck
    Patrick Huyck
    Systems Certification Manager, Green Hills Software
  • Frank Xiao
    Frank Xiao
    Certification Engineer, AVIAGE SYSTEMS
  • Johan Martensson
    Johan Martensson
    Surveillance Expert, EUROCONTROL
  • Christophe Hamel
    Christophe Hamel
    Director Business Development, L3T Aviation Products
  • Jens Technau
    Jens Technau
    EFB Administrator & Flight Ops IT, Captain A330, SunExpress Germany
  • Hette Hoekema
    Hette Hoekema
    Senior Expert Navigation, Communication & Surveillance, EASA
  • Pavel Ptacek
    Pavel Ptacek
    Scientist R&D, Honeywell
  • Philippe LIEVIN
    Philippe LIEVIN
    Commercial Systems Marketing Director, Rockwell Collins
  • Klaus Lambertz
    Klaus Lambertz
    CEO, Verifysoft Technology GmbH
  • Royd Lüdtke
    Royd Lüdtke
    Director Static Analysis Tools, Verifysoft Technology GmbH
  • Massimo Bombino
    Massimo Bombino
    Regional Manager, Vector Software
  • Arnaud D’Andrea
    Arnaud D’Andrea
    A350XWB Information System and eOperations Architect, AIRBUS