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Tuesday 25th April

11:00am -12:30pm – Safety & Security

Security meets Safety – From Common Criteria Certification to Airborne Security Regulations and Compliance – Sven Nordhoff, SYSGO AG

IMA and COTS: two friends wishing you wellPhilippe Ricco, Avionics Project Manager, Mercury Mission Systems International S.A., Switzerland

Global Tracking of Aircraft Using ADS-B Out – Christophe Hamel, Director Business Development, L3T Aviation Products

Advanced Static Analysis and Code Coverage for safety critical applicationsMr. Klaus Lambertz & Mr. Royd Lüdtke, CEO & Director Static Analysis Tool, Verifysoft Technology GmbH, Germany


2:00pm -5:00pm – Multicore, Software Safety & Certification

Update on using multicore processors with a commercial ARINC 653 implementationPaul Parkinson, Wind River

Certifiable Safety Critical Multicore Solution for AvionicsGary Gilliland, DDC-I Inc.

Avionics – System On Chip Certifiable OS Solution – Stephane Le Merdy, SYSGO AG

The use of Many Core instead of multicore to respond to certification issuesChristian Fraboul, Université de Toulouse – IRIT/INPT-ENSEEIHT

Timing and WCET analysis for multicore processors. The Good, the Bad and the UglyGuillem Bernat, CEO, Rapita Systems Ltd

Wednesday 26th April

10.00am – 1.00pm – Testing & Certification

CompactPCI serial reaches out into space and is an alternative to VPX based systems on aircrafts Michael Henze, Product Line Manager, MEN Mikro Elektronik GmbH

Enabling Advanced Certifiable Avionics Graphics with OpenGL SC 2.0Gregory Sikkens, Director of Marketing, CoreAVI

Resetting the LRU Replacement NormGiles Huby, Copernicus Technology Ltd

Flex PCBs for Wiring and Circuitry’s in Harsh EnvironmentsKoen Hollevoet, Business Development Manager, Rogers BVBA

2.00pm – 4.00pm – More Avionics & Technology Updates

Model-based development of on-board software using a DSL for embedded software designTuur Benoit, Researcher, Siemens PLM, Belgium

Aging Avionics on CAN Bus CommunicationArne Brehmer, Manager Aerospace, Vector Informatik , Germany

Cost effective methods for achieving data coupling and control couplingMassimo Bombino, Cost effective methods for achieving data coupling and control coupling, Vector Software

Delivering Added Value though a holistic approach to avionics systems – Peter Allsopp, Future Technology Leader, GE Aviation