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Great show!!! I met ten suppliers which has saved me a lot of money seeing them all individually. I have made contacts vital to my ongoing projects,
Greg Stone, Senior Software Specialist, DSTL.
Unexpectedly Good! Some great contacts.
Dr.Boris Linschitz, Director Europe, PRESAGIS
Great Show, we have lots of leads.
Andreas Uschold, MathWorks GmbH
AEE 2015 offered a great mix of conference, presentations and exhibition. Excellent programme and hospitality. Thank you to all organisers.
Lars Hoffmann, AIRBUS Operations GmbH
Avionics Electronics Europe has now become my premier trade show. ASM is an avionics integrator dedicated to transport category aircraft. That’s a very exciting business, but it’s also part of a niche market. That means I have to get a solid return on every dollar I spend at shows and conferences. And, while AEE has always given me a return, 2015 was exceptional. Everything came together. A large and select pool of industry professionals were all drawn to a space carefully designed to encourage productive, comfortable and enjoyable networking.

The results were tangible and outstanding and are helping to make this a banner year. In other words, I had a complete return on my investment, and even more. I am already planning for AEE in 2016, and my only concern is making certain I can accommodate all the new business it will bring.

Mark Schultz, Aircraft Systems & Manufacturing, Inc.
2015 was the first time I attended the conference. This was a great opportunity to debate about PBN implementation but also to exchange with other people from the aviation industry. Conferences quality was very satisfactory with a wide range of topics addressed!
Excellent forum to network and keep in touch with the ever-changing world of Aviation Electronics..
Stefan Engels, Jeppesen, A BOEING Company
2015 was the first time we were exhibiting at the Aviation Electronics Expo in Munich.
The show gave us a good opportunity to receive a feedback about our company as well as introducing the brand airberlin technik into the avionic segment.
Raphael Miese, airberlin technik GmbH
The reputation of the Aviation Electronics Europe event ensured a good audience where the quality and level of attendees was high. The calibre of the keynote speakers along with the topical discussions, also added to the overall draw for the show. Next year’s show promises to grow this reputation and provide attendees even better networking and topical discussions.
Jo Lawton-Davies, Windriver
Quality conferences, perfect organization, this first time at AEE was a great experience !
Xavier MESTRE, Air France Industries
We really like the mix of highly technical conferences as well as relaxed and professional open discussions on the hottest topics at the companies’ booths. Being together during the entire day, including lunch and break times, gives room for multiple exchanges, in this world of competition.

The meetings and discussions we have had at AEE in Munich have led to several actual business opportunities.

Jacques Gatard, TTTech Computertechnik AG
2015 was the first time we exhibited at AEE and our hosts made us very welcome. The blend of conference sessions and exhibitor stands in one dedicated hall ensured plenty of interaction between and amongst delegates and exhibitors during the break outs and over lunch. We made many useful contacts and generated some real opportunities.
Andrew White , Resource Group
A great opportunity to meet and speak with our European customers.
Paul Grunwald, Great River Technology
I attended for the first time and was able to gain an excellent overview of the industry due to the broad range of exhibitors present. The depth of technology being presented was also very good from full cockpit systems down to individual hardware modules and operating systems meaning useful exchanges with other exhibitors and attendees were possible regardless of which stage of the supply chain was of most interest.
Dr. Kenneth Macpherson, Galleon Embedded Computing GmbH
We were very happy to come back to Munich for an avionics show. The gap that was created last year was filled by Aviation Electronics Europe. The event was a great opportunity to meet suppliers, partners and customers in a central location close to some of the major players in Europe.

The exhibition provided us with valuable meetings and leads; we have already booked our spot for next year.

Rafi Horesh, Aitech Systems Ltd.
Thanks for a great event and fair. It’s always worth to go to with a great mixture of news, networking and products / services.
Jesper Rasmussen, Ole Wolff Elektronik
With the AEE I found an excellent platform to gain information concerning future trends in aviation technology and the right counterparts to discuss possible solutions to this challenges.
Ulrich Zanker, Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH
In 2015 we took the chance to present our organization to the aerospace industry during the Aviation Electronics. It was a great chance to get in contact with other companies as well as meet new business partners. Especially in such a specialized sector as the safety critical Hard- and Software development, a dedicated exhibition is important to get enough time to discuss specific topics with all the companies involved. Beside the exhibition we also appreciated the conference program, where we were able to present our company and the tasks we are specialized in. The conference was an opportunity to get background as well as more detailed information about projects and novelties in the aviation sector especially dedicated to electronics.

For us the exhibition was a great experience and success for enlarging our network. We will be there in 2016.

Dr. Axel Hüdepohl, AES Aerospace Embedded Solutions GmbH
Thanks for a great time. We had a lot of very good conversations with customers, attendees and suppliers on our booth. That exhibition is a great chance for bonding to people in this special market.
Ulrich Müller-Confurius, Zabel Technik GmbH
This Conference provided an excellent forum to have a panel discussion on Performance Based Navigation (PBN). Having this panel discussion at this particular cross-road of industry was both rewarding and enriching: different and seldom heard perspectives about PBN were aired, complete with refreshing and informative questions about PBN first-principles. Such discussions can only benefit the international aviation community in the long run. Thank you for the invitation.
Franca Pavlicevic, Head of Navigation & CNS Research Unit, EUROCONTROLATM/RDS/NAV
An impressive high quality conference and a great networking opportunity
Dan Darin-Zanco, Strategic Marketing Manager, Strategy and Advanced Technology, AVIAGE SYSTEMS
Aviation Electronics Europe 2015 provided unique networking opportunities, educational exhibitors, new technology demonstrations, and addressed a broad range of topics touching on upcoming advancements and trends in the worldwide aviation industry. The technical presentations proved very interesting with a wide array of topics to appeal to the attendees’ diverse interests. CoreAVI looks forward to returning to Munich to present our latest technology demonstrations and new graphics solutions at Aviation Electronics Europe 2016.
Kathleen Hanratty, CoreAVI