CoreAVI Enhances the Security of Graphics Processing with SecureCore

Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (CoreAVI) today announced the release of the SecureCore option for its ArgusCore™ graphics library suites. SecureCore enhances Multi-Level Security (MLS) features of leading Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) by extending high level of information assurance through the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and associated graphics library suites.

SecureCore is the latest addition to the ArgusCore graphics library suite complementing the HyperCore™ GPU virtualization manager. SecureCore augments ArgusCore with features that fully protect rendering surfaces from access by unauthorized partitions and clearing video memory prior to allocation to secure information entrusted to graphics processing. The solution provides secure data management with multiple levels of security within a single GPU.

Supported standards include RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C for certifying compliance, up to and including the most stringent levels, with the applicable airworthiness regulations for the software aspects of airborne systems and equipment.

“SecureCore provides a safe way to implement information assurance when driving graphics displays with multiple levels of security,” said Dan Joncas, Vice President Sales and Marketing at CoreAVI. “With the availability of DO-178C certification evidence for ArgusCore, including SecureCore, this solution is an effective way to compress program schedules and reduce cost and risk while providing high levels of information assurance and certification.”